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The Colonial Zone or Colonial City is the main tourist attraction of Santo Domingo. It is the oldest part of the capital of the Dominican Republic, it was built at the beginning of the 16th century by the Spanish colonists after the discovery of the island of Hispaniola by Christopher Columbus. It retains a historical trace of this time with many buildings, edifices and houses that were built throughout the centuries of colonization, most of which can be visited:

With these historic buildings, it is an important tourist attraction for all travelers and tourists who come to the Dominican Republic for vacation or for work. It receives visitors from all over the country and since the opening of the Del Coral highway, Santo Domingo is only two hours drive from Punta Cana Bavaro Cap Canaa which breathes new life into the Colonial Zone.

Strolling through the small streets, visiting the monuments, strolling, having a drink on the terrace of a café is a very pleasant moment. This part of Santo Domingo is not only a historical place, it is also a place of culture, entertainment and recreation. Cultural events are organized there frequently and sometimes concerts... The main street in the Colonial Zone is Calle Conde, which is a pedestrian street that runs from Independence Park to the Ozama River. In this street there are many shops of all kinds, however it has lost some of its splendor, it is no longer the main shopping street of the city.

The Colonial City has many bars, restaurants, nightclubs which make it a place with a very lively nightlife. It is not the only place in Santo Domingo where to go out at night, the city has a lot of places to party like the Malecon with its luxury hotels and its casinos, the avenue Venezuela (la Venez) where there are a succession of sports bars, drinks, discos… and many other places, there is (almost) a place to have a drink and listen to music on every street corner.

This tourist area of ​​Santo Domingo also has many hotels and aparthotels for tourists, business travelers and businessmen.

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The Colonial Zone is the historic center of Santo Domingo with a lot to see and do, one day is not enough to visit in depth this part of the capital of the Dominican Republic.

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