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Jaragua National Park is a protected natural area located in the extreme southwest of the Dominican Republic in the province of Pedernales, which encompasses the Laguna de Oviedo, Bahia de las Aguilas, Beata island and Alto Velo island. It is the most important natural reserve in the country.

The park which covers 1536 km2 covers several ecosystems such as the sea, lagoons, islands, caves, mangroves, tropical forests, wetlands, beaches... with incomparable biodiversity with flora and fauna that are unique, with high levels of endemism.

The vegetation is mainly composed of plants adapted to low rainfall such as cacti. The fauna is made up of many reptiles, iguanas (two endemic species), sea turtles, bats, small mammals including 2 endemic (the solenodon and the jutía), dolphins, manatees ... and more bird species some of which are migratory while others are native.

Jaragua national park is also an archaeological site with numerous caves that were occupied by the Tainos who left pictographs, petroglyphs and artefacts in the different caves of the park.

It is undoubtedly a magnificent park with an extraordinary biodiversity. It is the ideal place for ecotourism and for observing nature.

Location - access map to Parque Nacional De Jaragua

The park is approximately 43.5 miles from Barahona and over 155 miles from Santo Domingo. It is an excursion to be done over several days to fully enjoy this unique tourist site.

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