Alto de Chavon - La Romana

Alto de Chavon in La Romana (Dominican Republic) is a replica of a Mediterranean village in the sixteenth century.

Alto de Chavon

Description of Alto de Chavon

Alto de Chavon is a replica of a village médivial Mediterranean. Its construction began in 1976, Alto de Chavon was inaugurated in 1982. The village was built in stone around the river Chavon. In the village there are restaurants, shops, art galleries, a church, the archaeological museum and a 5000-seat amphitheater which is organized concert and other cultural events.

Alto de Chavon also has an art school.
Alto de Chavon worth a detour, the village takes you to another time in another place!

It has an undeniable charm, the place is well maintained and the view of the river Chavon and Casa de Campo is beautiful.

This restored medieval village is a mecca of tourism in La Romana.

Photos of the village médivial

Alto de Chavon
Alto de Chavon 1  Alto de Chavon 2  Alto de Chavon 3  Alto de Chavon 4  Alto de Chavon 5  Alto de Chavon 6  Alto de Chavon 7  Alto de Chavon 8  Alto de Chavon 9  Alto de Chavon  

Alto de Chavon video

Location - Access Alto de Chavon

Alto de Chavon is located in Casa De Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic
Hours: daily
Price: $ 5.00 (on 01/2012). If you paid $ 25 to visit Casa De Campo, the entrance to Alto de Chavon is included.

Accommodations in the vicinity of La Romana

Casa de Campo and Los Altos Club are two hotels near Alto de Chavon. There are several small hotels in La Romana which is only 5 minutes.

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2 opinion :
- le 16/02/2017
Altos de Chavon at Casa de Campo transports us into another world !!!
- le 11/03/2016
Unusual visit that changes with the rest of the country. To do.

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