National Park of the East

The National Park of the East, a protected nature reserve between Bayahibe and Boca de Yuma.

Park national of the East

Description of the National Park in Bayahibe

The East National Park is located in the east of the Dominican Republic, between Bayahibe and Boca de Yuma. This is an area of 42,000 acres protected since 1975 which contains a large terrestrial and marine biodiversity with mangroves (Las Calderas Bay), more than a hundred species of birds, some endemic to the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, terrestrial mammals (solenodon and Jutia) and marine (manatees and dolphins), plants and trees.

In composition archaeological flat composed of rocks of marine origin, the National Park of the East has many caves and springs. These caves were inhabited by the Taino, it is possible to visit and see some, in addition to the stalactites and stalagmites, Taino pictographs and petroglyphs. Cave Berna in Boca de Yuma, the cave del Puente in Bayahibe, Jose Maria Cave ...

Padre Nuestro is an archaeological and ecotourism trail to discover the flora of the park and access the submerged caves, freshwater springs in the region. The visit of Padre Nuestro is from Bayahibe and costs 300 pesos.

The Saona Island is part of the national park, it is also a protected area, it also contains an important marine biodiversity, shellfish, fish, coral reefs and algae that operate in clean water. The fact that there was no industry or large villages in the vicinity of the park can maintain good water quality in this part of the Dominican Republic.

Many trips to the Eastern National Park are available and are accompanied by guides. These excursions are available in most of hotels in Bayahibe, the all-inclusive in Punta Cana, the hotels in La Romana, Santo Domingo...

To visit the National Park of the East must take good shoes (avoid sandals), the mosquito repellent, water, a flashlight to visit the caves, swimsuit and sunscreen.

Cave Berna en Boca de Yuma

Cave Berna Park national of the East

This cave has many great qualities petroglyphs, some 300 figures are carved on the walls and floor. Berna Cave is located just outside Boca de Yuma, going to the Parc del Este. The road is specified and it is possible to go by car.

Cave del Puente en Bayahibe

Cave Puente Park national of the East

The cave del Puente is located 3 kms from the park entrance from east to Bayahibe. The trail is easy to access. This cave has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Do not forget the flashlight. To access the cave Del Puente all have to go down the road to Playa Dominicus, after Cadaques Caribe Resort.

Photos of the East Park

  • East Park Saona
  • Beach Guanabano Park National Del Este Park Cotubanama
  • Park National Del Este 1
  • Park National Del Este Grotte
  • Park National Del Este La Altagracia
  • Park National East Cotubanama 1
  • Park National East Cotubanama Bayahibe
  • Park National East Cotubanama Dominican Republic
  • Park National East Cotubanama Grotte
  • Park National East Cotubanama
  • Park National East Dominican Republic

Location - Access to the park

The National Park is located between Bayahibe and Boca de Yuma, east of the Dominican Republic
Phone: 809-378-2149
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day
Price: Adults $ 100 DR (the 08/2012).
Tickets to enter to the park of the East are available in the village of Bayahibe, in the parking entrance on the right.

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