Zoological Park in Santo Domingo

Zoo Santo Domingo

Description of the Zoo in Santo Domingo

The Zoo of Santo Domingo, which covers more than 1,250,000 square meters, is primarily an educational, scientific and recreation for the people of the Dominican Republic. In this zoo, which is also a conservation area for flora, you can see and observe many species of animals such as lions, tigers, jaguars, monkeys, rhinos, zebras, many birds, reptiles ...

Visit the Zoological Park can be done in a small train, however, is preferable to make the journey on foot (except young children) to better enjoy the visit because the train is going too fast and leaves no time to observe the animals or take photos. It is also advisable to visit the zoo in the morning than in the afternoon heat with some animals are rested, like me.
Zoo organizes special tours for schools with special rates for groups, to allow children to discover the fauna of the Dominican Republic and around the world.

The Zoological Park of Santo Domingo is also responsible for the conservation and preservation of certain plant and animal species endemic to the Dominican Republic.

Photos of the Zoological Park

Zoological Park
Entrance Zoo Santo Domingo  Zoo Santo Domingo 1  Zoo Santo Domingo 4  Zoo Santo Domingo 3  Zoo Santo Domingo bufalo  Zoo Santo Domingo crocodile  Zoo Santo Domingo Flemish  Zoo Santo Domingo Hippopotamus  Zoo Santo Domingo map  Zoo Santo Domingo Train  Zoo Santo Domingo zebra  Zoo Santo Domingo  

Location - Access to the Park

The Zoo of Santo Domingo is located north of the capital.
Phone: 809-378-2149
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Domingo.
Price: adults 100 RD$ children 60 RD$(on 08/2012).

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