The beaches of the province of Azua

The province of Monte Cristi does not have many beaches, it is the mangrove that occupies the majority of the coast.

Monte Cristi - Dominican Republic

The province of Monte Cristi is located in the extreme northwest of the Dominican Republic. There are about 80 kilometers of coast which are mainly occupied by mangroves.
The main economic activity is agriculture with a significant production of bananas and rice, the breeding of goats, sheep and cattle is also important.
Fishing and salt production are also important.
International tourism is not developed, no large all-inclusive resorts, probably due to the fact that there are no large paradisiacal beaches like in Punta Cana Cap Cana, Playa Dorada or Samana.
However, the province of Monte Cristi is very popular and frequented by local tourists who come to enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of the landscapes.

The province of Monte Cristi has some pretty beaches:

  • Playa Los Cocos.
  • Playa Buen Hombre famous for kitesurfing.
  • Peti Salina.
  • La Granja.
  • El Morro Montecristi.
  • La Playita.
  • Juan de Bolanos in the town of San Fernando de Monte Cristi.
  • Estero Balsa.
  • Los Coquitos in Pepillo Salcedo.

Some hotels in the province

Photos of the beaches of Monte Cristi

  • El Morro Montecristi
  • El Morro
  • Juan de Bolanos Monte Cristi
  • La Granja
  • La Playita
  • Playa Buen Hombre Montecristi 1
  • Playa Buen Hombre Montecristi
  • Playa Juan de Bolanos Monte Cristi
  • Playa Los Cocos Montecristi


The province of Monte Cristi is located in the northwest of the Dominican Republic, between the provinces of Puerto Plata and Valverde (to the east), Haiti (to the west) and Dajabon, Santiago Rodriguez to the south.
To the north is the Atlantic.

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