Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas - Dominican Republic

Playa Bonita is a beautiful and long beach that is located about 5 kilometers from the village of Las Terrenas. It is accessible by car, quad, taxi, motoconcho...

Playa Bonita dominican republic

Bonita: a big and beautiful beach in Las Terrenas

It is a public beach that must be 2 or 3 km long, it is lined with coconut trees with a beautiful sandy beach and often calm and warm sea. The right is more protected.

All along Playa Bonita a small paved driveway separates the beach from the houses and hotels.

Car parks and access to the beach have been developed to facilitate parking and access to the beach.

The beach ends with Punta Bonita with a magnificent view of Playa Coson.

Along Playa Bonita are a few small hotels, residences with apartments and many luxury villas. Almost no restaurants apart from the famous Atlantis hotel restaurant, no bars, no grocery stores. It is a quiet and relaxing place to spend a quiet holiday in Las Terrenas.

Hotels along Playa Bonita in Las Terrenas, Samana

Playa Bonita is rather a residential area with beautiful residences overlooking the sea, luxury villas and some hotels.
It is conducive to surfing and boogie boarding, there are 2 surf schools in Playa Bonita.

Playa Bonita Las Terrenas Pictures

Bonita Beach Las Terrenas
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3 opinion :
- le 09/01/2017
One of the most beautiful beaches in Las Terrenas
- le 25/03/2016
The right of the beach is better for swimming with the family.
- le 10/02/2012
Nice beach with sometimes waves.

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