Larimar in Barahona

Larimar is a semiprecious stone used to make jewelry.



Dominican Republic has many natural treasures, as Larimar, which scientific name is blue pectolite. Its characteristic blue color makes it a unique fine gem.
This precious ore is located at south-west of the Dominican Republic, Barahona Province, in a place called Los Chupaderos, in the mountains. Larimar can also be found in Italy.
The access to the mine is very difficult, and can only be achieved by four drive wheels vehicles. The first discovery of Larimar was made in 1916 by Miguel Domingo Fuertes Loren, but the mine was open in 1976, when researches revealed the unique character of this stone, and it was considered as a fine or semiprecious gem.
“Larimar” is a contraction of “Larissa” (daughter of one of the men who discovered it) and “mar” as in Caribbean Sea.
Larimar is sold in the Dominican Republic as jewelry, often associated with silver or gold.
Depending of the kind of jewel, Larimar can cost from 50.00 $ to more than 1,000.00 $ American dollars. Larimar can be found in the whole country, and has its museum in Santo Domingo.
As most of precious gems, people attribute curative virtues to Larimar, although it’s not proven. But one thing is true: it’s a beautiful and unique gem.

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