Tourism in Comendador - Dominican Republic

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Comendador - Dominican Republic

Comendador - Dominican Republic

Comendador is a small town in the province of Elías Piña, northwest of the Dominican Republic on the border with Haiti. Its name honors the governor of the island of Santo Domingo, during the colonial period, Nicolas de Ovando. One of the best hotel in Santo Domingo is called Hostal Nicolas de Ovando.

Like most border towns, economic activity is moderate and there is no development of tourism. The main economic activity of Comendador was in agricultural production, although in recent years it has been replaced by trade with Haiti from different types of raw materials and products.
Despite some potential for ecotourism and mountain tourism in the Cordillera Central and Sierra Martin, tourism is virtually zero, probably because of the remoteness and lack of structure to accommodate visitors.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Comendador

Pilgrimage to Cerro de San Francisco

A Banica, in the north of the province.

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