Dominican Republic National Parks

The Dominican Republic has many national parks where natural resources are protected and conserved. Parks and scientific reserves in the Dominican Republic are located in mountainous areas and in coastal areas. Many excursions and activities related to ecotourism are possible to learn, observe and discover the flora and fauna of this country.

What is a national park?

A national park is a territory in which the conservation of fauna, flora, soil, subsoil, atmosphere, water and in general a natural environment is of special interest. It is important to preserve it against any degradation and to protect it from any artificial intervention liable to alter its appearance, composition and development.

Park Los Haitises

Los Haitises Park is located in the north-east of the Dominican Republic, on the provinces of Monte Plata, Hato Mayor del Rey and Samana.
The main access points are the towns of Sanchez and Sabana de la Mar and
It provides a natural area of geological interest in the limestone hills
with lush vegetation and a system of caves with pictographs and petroglyphs
carved by the aborigines.
This park is rich in flora and fauna.
Samana hotels to visit the peninsula and the park.

Jaragua Park

The park Jaragua is the largest National Parks, is located in the south-western Dominican Republic, on the provinces of Barahona and Pedernales.
It offers one of the largest concentration of birds in the country with some species endemic.
Part of the Park is very dry or desert, with thorn forests and cacti. There are also many caves with pre-Columbian registration. Park in an area with little tourism, tours are usually organized from Santo Domingo.
Barahona hotels to visit this region of the Domincan Republic.

Isla Cabritos national park - Enriquillo Lake

It is the largest of three islands of Lake Enriquillo, located in south-west of the Dominican Republic.
It takes about 30 minutes to reach the island where you can observe one of the largest American crocodile and iguanas. The island has a home with exhibitions, is the starting point of three trails to explore the island.
The visit is necessarily done with a guide.

Park Armando Bermudez

Park Armando Bermudes is the first National Park in the Dominican Republic, is located in the Cordillera Central. This is one of the cold regions of the country, with temperatures of 12-21 degrees, the morning temperatures can reach 0°.
It is an ecotourist destinations most popular with trips to Pico Duarte, ideal for rafting and other sports sensations with its many waterways. Welcoming visitors are in the valley of Lilis, The Compartición, Vallecito del Bao, Mata Grande and La Ciénaga de Manabao.

José del Carmen Ramírez Park

This park is located in the Cordillera Central, south of Park Armando Bermudez and the northern cities of Azua and San Juan de la Maguana.
It is also one of the colder regions of the country, with temperatures of 12-21 degrees, the morning temperatures can reach 3°. As Armando Bermudez Park, its main attraction are the steps in the mountain through landscapes of great beauty and excursions to the Pico Duarte. The main reception of visitors is Sabaneta near the San Juan de Maguana, there is another access point near Los Frios.

Sierra de Bahoruco National Park

Located in south-western Dominican Republic, between the provinces of Independencia, Pedernales and Barahona.
Ideal for ecotourism, naturalistic observation, orchid lovers find their happiness with 166 species of orchids with about thirty species endemic to the Park.

Park National Este (Cotubanama)

Located at the extreme south in the province of La Altagracia.
The main attraction of this Park is the island of Saona and it is possible to see manatees (an endangered species) and dolphins. The park is composed of a subtropical wet forest with many species of birds.
The access to the park of the East is by Bayahibe or Boca de Yuma.
Bayahibe hotels to sleep and visit the park.

Monte Cristi park

Located at the extreme north-western province of Monte Cristi is also a Marine Park.
The main attractions of this Park are the mangrove swamps, coral reefs, Cayos Siete Hermanos and El Morro. The Home Park is located 2 km from Monte Cristi in the base of El Morro. To visit the park you can stay in one of the hotels in Montecristi.

La Isabella National Park and Museum

Park La Isabela is located in the north in the province of Puerto Plata, near the town of Luperon.
This is a historic site, known as the first colony in the New World.

Isabel de Torres Park

South of Puerto Plata, accessible by cable car from Puerto Plata.
On a hill 800 meters in altitude with a botanical garden and many birds, the main attraction is the cable that allows to observe the landscape and a panoramic view of Puerto Plata.

La Caleta Underwater Park

Underwater Park near the capital Santo Domingo. Two boats were sunk in the Park to create an artificial environment conducive to diving.

Nalga de Maco Park

Located on the west side of the Cordillera Central in the province of Elias Pina. Park recently and quite difficult to access, but providing appropriate conditions for ecotourism.

Park Sierra de Neiba

The park Sierra de Neiba is located in the south-west of the Dominican Republic, en Elias Pinia, San Juan, Bahoruco and Independecia. Protected area ideal for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking...

Sierra Martín García Park

Located in south-western Dominican Republic, between the provinces of Azua and Barahona. Zone protected flora and fauna of great importance, with rare plant and animal species.

Valle Nuevo Park

Located in the south of the Dominican Republic, between Constanza and San Jose de Ocoa.
Park with great potential for ecotourism, with bird watching, hiking, camping... In Valle de los Frailes are Las Piramides, contruite monument in homage to the dictator Trujillo.
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El Choco national park

Park 15 minutes from Cabarete with caves, freshwater lagoons, a tropical forest...
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