Tourism in Hato Mayor - Dominican Republic

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Hato Mayor - Dominican Republic

Hato Mayor - Dominican Republic

Hato Mayor is located in the Southeast region of the Dominican Republic. It has a very extensive system of mountains, with coastal plain that covers the southern part of the province, and Pie del Monte and the Cordillera Oriental, which covers the central area of the province.
The economy is based on agriculture, primarily citrus, orange (fruit), cherries, passion fruit and sugar cane. Citrus production is about 50% of agricultural production in the province of Hato Mayor. There are also livestock and fisheries, it is focusing in particular in the area of Sabana de la Mar.

In general, the climate is tropical and the average annual temperature is about 24 degrees.
In the province of Hato Mayor is the National Park Los Haitises, where you can find several species endemic to the Dominican Republic and extraordinary natural beauty.
Tourism is very little developed in this region of the Dominican Republic. Hato Mayor does not have a major hotel structures, near the Parc Los Haitises is the Paraiso Cano Hondo hotel.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Hato Mayor

Los Haitises

The largest concentration of limestone in the Caribbean, resulting in caves, waterfalls... Los Haitises is a major tourist attraction of the Dominican Republic.

Cueva Fun Fun

Adventure Tourism and ecotourism.

Salto de la Jalda

The La Jalda waterfall is little known and access is a bit limited as it is hidden between the green and steep mountains of La Jalda Saltos National Park.

Salto de Yanigua

Waterfall about ten kilometers from El Valle.

Salto El Zumbador

The waterfall is located in the Zumbador River, a stream that connects its waters to the Yanigua River, then to the Yabón River and flows into the waters of Samaná Bay, on the coast of Sabana de la Mar. Unknown , this beautiful waterfall has the necessary properties to become an attraction for ecotourism lovers.

Beaches of the province of Hato Mayor

The province of Hato Mayor does not have many beaches, the main tourist attraction in this region is Los Haitises National Park.

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