Tourism in La Vega - Dominican Republic

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La Vega - Dominican Republic

La Vega - Dominican Republic

Concepción de La Vega (called La Vega) is a city of the Dominican Republic, near the center of the country, at a distance of 96 miles from Santo Domingo. It was founded by Christopher Columbus in 1494, one of the oldest cities in the New World. The city is bisected by Highway Duarte, one of the main roads of the Dominican Republic.
In the province of La Vega, there are two major geographic regions. Two-thirds of the province is a mountainous area in the center of the Cordillera Central. The rest of the province consists of a relatively flat region, corresponding to the western part of the Cibao Valley.

The main activity is agriculture, the most important products are rice, bananas, cassava and cocoa, but also the production of poultry, pigs and cattle (especially dairy). In recent years, there were several different industries that have changed the economic profile of the province, in particular, the Zona Franca de La Vega, which are manufactured primarily in textiles.
This is a fairly large city, about 220 000 people, with some hotels (Rey hotel, Villa Del Lago...) and aparthotels.
While most tourist activity is concentrated in the area surrounding municipalities of Jarabacoa and Constanza, in the town of La Vega can find places of interest such as colonial ruins of La Vega Vieja, the ruins of the first foundation of the city, destroyed by an earthquake in 1562.

However, the main tourist attraction of La Vega for domestic and foreign visitors is the celebration of Carnival, which takes place each year during which the city is packed with extras and crowds during all weekends of February. Carnival of the city is considered the most attractive of the Dominican Republic.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in La Vega

Carnival Vegano

The most interresting of the country with a long tradition in the folklore of Dominican.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

In Duarte Park.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near La Vega

Santo Cerro

Pilgrimage to mark the day of the Virgen de Las Mercedes, September 24.

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