Tourism in San Francisco de Macoris - Dominican Republic

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San Francisco de Macoris - Dominican Republic

San Francisco de Macoris - Dominican Republic

San Francisco de Macoris is the capital of the province of Duarte and the fourth largest city in the Dominican Republic. It is a city with dynamic economic development.
Industrial activity in San Francisco de Macoris is developed around the processing of local products such as cocoa, coffee, fruit, corn, rice, livestock and beeswax and is now shopping center northeast of the Dominican Republic. The city has some hotels primarily for the business travelers and local tourists like el hotel Las Caobas, Libano, Centro Turistico Girasoles.

The climate is humid, with temperatures of 25.6 ° C on average. The vegetation of the region is a subtropical rainforest with the Loma Quita Espuela Scientific Reserve.

The region was originally inhabited by Indians Ciguayos or Macoriges, from which she then took its name. San Francisco de Macoris, whose foundation was recorded September 20, 1778, became the capital of the department in 1936.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in San Francisco de Macoris

Square San Francisco


Square Juan Pablo Duarte


The Santa Ana Cathedral

A mixture of Gothic and modern architecture.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near San Francisco de Macoris

Montecito de Oración

Meditation center for residents and tourists.

Loma Quita Espuela

Scientific Reserve with many trails for ecological walks.

Cocoa Trail

To explore the production and manufacture of cocoa.

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