Tourism in Bayaguana - Dominican Republic

Travel guide and tourist information to visit Bayaguana and around: what to see, what to do, what to visit, which excursions... in Bayaguana a small town 60 kms from Santo Domingo.

Bayaguana - Dominican Republic

Bayaguana - Dominican Republic

Bayaguana is a city located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, in the province of Monte Plata. The city was founded in 1606 by villagers of Bayajá and Yaguana, whose villages were destroyed by order of King Philip III of Spain in the fight against smuggling, which existed in this region.

The economy of the city of Bayaguana depends mainly on the agricultural sector. Much of its land is devoted to the cultivation of sugar cane and natural pastures for livestock feed.
The most attractive tourist sites are located near Bayaguana, the Salto of Comate, the balnearios of Comatillo and Salto Alto, and the National Park Los Haitises, one of the largest national parks in the Dominican Republic.
The festivities of the patron saint of the city, San Juan Bautista Bayaguana take place from 14 to 23 June of each year. They end the festivities, June 24 marks the day of San Juan Bautista with popular music, race of donkeys, sack races and other activities.

Another important celebration of the town is the Santo Cristo de Bayaguana of. Each December 28 for 400 years, thousands of pilgrims from across the country come to sacrifice bulls and participate in religious services.

This is not a tourist town, it is mainly the residents of the capital and surrounding areas who come to enjoy the many rivers and waterfalls. There are very few hotels in Bayaguana (Monte Plata).

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Bayaguana

The day of San Juan Bautista

Each year, the June 14 to 23 it is a celebration of Bayaguana, the whole town celebrates its patron saint San Juan Bautista, with religious ceremonies, traditional music...

El Cristo de los Milagros

The colonial-style church dates from the eighteenth century, which worships the image of Santo Cristo de los Milagros. The Christ of the Miracles is an image of the crucified Christ carved in wood, which is about a meter and a quarter.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Bayaguana

Rivers & waterfalls

Near Bayaguana is many rivers, waterfalls as Salto de Comate, El Comatillo, Salto alto, Sierra de agua, to take a cool bath in the waters of the river of the same name.

Los Haitises Park

The highest concentration of limestone in the Caribbean, leading to caves, waterfalls...

Recreational park El Eden

Located in the hamlet of El Camarón, natural pools, horseback riding, fishing.

The cave de Chepa

Chepa Cave is located in the town of Valle Grande.

Salto de Sabana

Ecotourism complex located 16 kms from Bayaguana for various outdoor activities and spend a wonderful time close to nature.

Salto Alto

Located a few kilometers from Bayaguana and about 1h30 from the capital Santo Domingo. It is one of the most visited rivers in the region. It is a protected area, the entrance is paying.

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Bayaguana is a nice little town with some rivers for swimming.

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