Tourism in Dajabon - Dominican Republic

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Dajabon - Dominican Republic

Dajabon - Dominican Republic

Dajabon is located in the northwest of the Dominican Republic border with Haiti. The city was founded in 1938 under the name of the province Libertador. The present name Dajabon dates from 1961.
The province consists of two geographically distinct regions, a mountainous area and plain area. The mountainous region covers the south of the province and is part of the Cordillera Central. The northern province is a flat region, corresponding to the valley of Yaque (or Cibao).
The main river of the province is the border river Dajabon, now called Masacre.

The economy of Dajabon is predominantly agricultural. In recent years, trade with Haiti has become important. The main agricultural products are rice and coffee.
Although the province does not have a tourism development, some rivers, especially in the area of Loma de Cabrera, are visited regularly. The city has few hotels like the hotel Masacre, Gran Hotel Raydan... See all hotels in Dajabon.

In 1956 saw the arrival of many migrant Japanese, who after the Second World War and the plight of Japan in this period, were sent with the agreement of both governments in Dajabon. But many families went to Constanza later because the conditions were difficult. Until the end of the year 1950 Japanese migrants continue to settle in the Dominican Republic until the program is abandoned due to economic and political dificulties of the Dominican Republic at the time (Trujillo).

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Dajabon

Museum Imágenes de la Frontera

This museum is dedicated to the history and local culture

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Dajabon

Nalga de Maco National Park

The national park is located in the Cordillera Central, south of Dajabon. This park is known for its exuberant nature, the many birds and the warm weather.

Centre prehistoric Chacuey

Archaeological site with many petroglyphs.

Monumento al Grito de Capotillo

Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration located in Loma de Cabrera.

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