Tourism in Mao - Dominican Republic

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Mao - Dominican Republic

Mao - Dominican Republic

Santa Cruz de Mao (Mao called) is located in the northwest region of the Dominican Republic, in a geographical area called the Valle del Yaque (because of the name of the river of the same name which runs through the area) or more commonly the online Northwest, to be border with Haiti.
The northwestern part of Mao was one of the first non-coastal areas explored by Europeans, because it was south of La Isabela, the first city founded on the island.

In most of the time Mao is dry desert conditions. However, as in all the Dominican Republic in the areas near the Yaque del Norte River and other watersheds, vegetation is abundant.
The main economic activity is agriculture, the production of plantains, bananas, rice and vegetables. Equally important are cattle (milk and meat) and goats.
Tourism is little developed in the province, reduced to a few rivers and spas visited by nationals. There are some hotels in Mao as the Novus Caoba and La Hora Azul.

Attractions and laces of interest nearby Mao

Salto de Jicome

A pretty waterfall unknown in the Moncion area.

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