Tourism in Moca - Dominican Republic

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Moca - Dominican Republic

Moca - Dominican Republic

Moca is the main town in the Espaillat province, in the northeast of the Dominican Republic. It is believed that its name derives from an Aboriginal word that was used to designate where the city lies.
Moca was an important city in the history of the Dominican Republic. It was the birthplace of the Constitution of Moca in 1958, which aimed to restore the rights and freedoms of citizens and create a fairer country.

This is a province of agricultural development with agricultural products like coffee, cocoa, bananas and cassava. This is one of the most developed provinces in poultry and pigs, with their agro-related industries.
Because Moca is a coastal city, there is not a significant tourist activity, but in the coastline of the province to which it belongs. In the City of Gaspar Hernandez , just minutes from the city of Moca and within the same province Espaillat, there are several beaches that are part of the tourist hub Rio San Juan -Puerto Plata .
At 15 kms from the city there is the Rim Mountain Hotel, otherwise the hotel offer in Moca is quite limited.

Moreover, in the mountains of north, between the town of Jamao north and the district of Jose Contreras, Villa Trina, there is an unspoilt natural beauty and potential major attraction for ecotourism and adventure tourism and mountain tourism.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Moca

Carnival Mocano


Park Antonio Maza

Calle Duarte out of Moca.

The Church Nuestra Señora del Rosario

Church of the seventeenth century.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Moca

Hondo Magico and Elena waterfall

Hondo Magico and the Elena waterfall are hidden in the hills of the province of Espaillat in the Dominican Republic. Ideal for adrenaline lovers, virgin places and ecotourism.

Cola de Pato

Cola de Pato is a small hidden treasure of extraordinary beauty. It's a magical place for nature lovers who are not afraid to walk to discover this magical place. You have to walk about 10 kilometers to reach a waterfall about 10 meters high.

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