Tourism in Monte Cristi - Dominican Republic

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Monte Cristi - Dominican Republic

Monte Cristi - Dominican Republic

San Fernando de Monte Cristi is located in the northwest of the Dominican Republic. It was founded in 1533 by a community of families from the Canary Islands. The climate is hot and arid, with occasional areas with vegetation.
Monte Cristi is almost under sea level, which allows it to be a major producer of salt in the country. However, the main economic activity in the province is agriculture, with significant production of bananas, rice and also the production of goats, cattle, sheep and fish.

Tourism development is now concentrated in the town of Montecristi, with a few hotels, El Moro Eco Adventure, the Chic Hotel, Marbella Hotel... there are ten hotels in Montecristi, although there is a potential along the coast to the west (Pepillo Salcedo) and north. Outstanding features are the Cayos Siete Hermanos and Morro.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Monte Cristi


Monte Cristi has a tradition of carnival popular and very symbolic, with the bull as the central character.

Maximo Gomez house museum

House where General Maximo Gomez lived.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Monte Cristi

Cayo Siete Hermanos

Group of small islands.


El Morro, Cayo Cabrita, Punta Rusia.

The National Park of Monte Cristi

The underwater national park of Montecristi has a great barrier reef of more than 240 kilometers stretching from El Morro to Punta Rucia. It is the most virgin and richest coral reef in the Dominican Republic.

El Morro


Dam of Maguaca

Built to irrigate the fertile lands of the region, the dam of Maguaca is the ideal place for ecotourism, bird watching, hiking...

Lagoon Saladillo

The lagoon of Saladillo is one biggest laguna in Dominican Republic (12 km2), it is rich in birds and fish. The lake is also a major source of freshwater National Park of Montecristi.

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