San Cristobal - Dominican Republic

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San Cristobal - Dominican Republic

San Cristobal

San Cristobal is a city of the Dominican Republic, located in a valley at the foot of the Cordillera Central, between the rivers Nizao and Nigua, 16 milles from the capital Santo Domingo.
It was founded as a town in the nineteenth century and was elevated to provincial status in 1932. It was the favorite city of the dictator Trujillo, after his birthplace, and, therefore, San Cristobal has still many buildings that recall the years of dictatorship. In 1932 was renamed Ciudad Trujillo until the dictator's death in 1961.

The main economic activities in the province of San Cristobal are industry, especially in export processing zones, the small-scale agriculture (except for citrus groves in Villa Altagracia, and coffee in the mountains) and activity port.
The climate is tropical and humid temperatures are moderate and stable.

Among the major tourist attractions available in the city of San Cristóbal is Sabana Palenque there is a public beach and the Balneario de La Toma. In San Cristobal, at the mouth of the river Nigua, there is an ancient monument of sugar production. San Cristobal is a destination that does not have the infrastructure of other stations in the country, but is very popular with local tourists.
The Toma of San Cristobal is a place frequently visited by the inhabitants of the southern region of the island and those who come to visit the city of Santo Domingo. This is a balneario standing water formed by the waters of a natural river.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in San Cristobal

The church Nuestra Señora de la Consolación

Built in the 40s for the Panteon de Trujillo family.

Palacio Municipal

It is part of the cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic.

Piedras Vivas Park

Park built in 1944.

Park built in 1944

The oldest church in the city, built in 1826.

Palacio del Cerro

Originally this palace was built as the residence of the dictator Trujillo but there has never lived, is now an administrative building.

What to visit near San Cristobal

Palenque beach

Playa Palenque is a popular beach south of San Cristobal with many restaurants and bars. The sandy beach is wide and shaded gray. This beach is very popular with the inhabitants of Santo Domingo on Sundays and holidays.

Najayo beach

Najayo Beach is a small beach at the east of Santo Domingo, is located on the Caribbean coast, there are two beaches, one small and one larger with bars and restaurants. The sand is a mixture of gray sand and pebbles, the beach is shaded by many almond trees.

Balneario La Toma

It is located 6 miles north of San Cristobal is a very popular place with locals who come to bathe and cool off.

Cave El Pomier

This cave was declared anthropological heritage of humanity as it is unique in the Dominican Republic, in the caves is the thousands of pictographs and petroglyphs dating from the Taino. It is divided into four large rooms. The cave El Pomier is highly visited due to its archaeological and its history.

Sugar factory

The ruins of the first sugar factory in America are located in Boca de Nigua, this factory dates from the sixteenth century. It was the scene of the second revolt of slaves in the colony of Saint Domingue.

Playa Los Cuadritos

Small beach at the seaside of the Caribbean with rocks that offers protection to bathers.

Playa Cocolandia

Small gray sand beach just after Palenque beach.

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