San Jose de las Matas - Dominican Republic

Travel guide and tourist information to visit San Jose de las Matas (Sajoma) and around: what to see, what to do, what to visit, which excursions... in San Jose de las Matas.

San Jose de las Matas - Dominican Republic

San Jose de las Matas (Sajoma) - Dominican Republic

San Jose de las Matas is a city of Dominican Republic in the province of Santiago, is located on the northern slope of the Cordillera Central, in the southern part of the province. The greatest wealth of San Jose de las Matas are its forests, which are born the major rivers of Cibao: Yaque del Norte, Bao, Amina, Jagua, among others, and the hydroelectric dam of Moncion.

In the territory is one of the largest national parks, the Park J. Armando Bermúdez, protected area since 1951, covering half the area of the municipality.
Forest area allows the development of the timber industry. Agriculture focuses on the cultivation of coffee. Livestock production and cottage furniture are other important economic activities of the municipality. The location of San José de las Matas, in the Sierra, makes it a strategic location to serve the rural communities that surround it.

San José de las Matas (Sajoma) has great potential for ecotourism in Dominican Republic, as most valleys of the Dominican Republic, but it still lacks a major tourism development.

What to visit near San Jose de las Matas

Pico Duarte

The highest peak in the Caribbean.


Rio Bao, Inoa et Amina offer the opportunity to practice various activities.

Salto Anacaona

El Salto Anacaona is a beautiful waterfall located between the mountains, it comes from the river Yerba Buena and goes down to the river Inoa.

Salto del Gallo

Waterfall for nature lovers and mountain tourism

La Ventana Water Park

La Ventana Water Park is a recreational and entertainment area in the waters of the Amina River. Entry RD $ 50 Parking RD $ 100.
The hotel Rio Lindo offers accommodation inside the park.

Arroyo Hondo Theme Park

Park that presents the history and culture of the community of Arroyo Hondo to current and future generations and visitors through an educational, recreational, artistic and gastronomic offer.

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