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Azua - Dominican Republic

Azua - Dominican Republic

Azua de Compostela is located in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. Most of its territory consists of a coastal plain (commonly known as the Plain of Azua), surrounded by mountainous terrain belonging to the central mountain and ends with a bay in the Caribbean Sea (Bahia de Ocoa) .
The city is now Azua de Compostela, the capital of the province of Azua, was founded in 1504 by Diego Velázquez, who was later the conqueror of Cuba. But the province was not established as such until 1844, when the Dominican Republic gained its independence, the Dominicans territory was divided into five provinces.

The provincial economy depends mainly on agricultural production. Tobacco, coffee plantations and banana are the major crops.
Fishing and dairy farming are also two major economic sectors. Historically, sugar production has played a leading role. Outside small industries, there are agro-industrial production plants of tomato paste and other canned products.

The part of the province called the plain of Azua, the southern province, has high temperatures and dry weather with a rainy season. In the north, the climate is tropical and rainy.
There are some rivers, like the Yaque del Sur, River Jura, which is the largest river and the river Tabara.
Although there is no tourism development in the province of Azua, there are some balnearios and beaches such as Monterrío, Playa Chiquita and Palmar de Ocoa.

This area is there is little tourism, there are a few hotels around the Bay of Ocoa (Hotel Ibiza, Hotel Playa Mia) and in Bani (Hotel Las Salinas, Hotel Caribani).

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Azua

Park Duarte


The museum historical and archaelogical Dr. Estrada Torres


What to see, what to do, what to visit near Azua

National park

The National Park José del Carmen Ramirez and the Sierra Martin Garcia park for hiking and ecotourism.

Ocoa Bay

Ocoa Bay is located south of Azua, with about 9 kilometers of beaches with gray sand and turquoise water, the beaches are Playa Caracoles, Playa Palmar de Ocoa, playa Biyeya, playa chiquita ...

El Salto del Río Yaguajay


Beaches in Monte Rio


Playa Caobita

Beach about 1 hour from Azua. It is a popular beach with the presence of a coral reef blocking the waves.

Salto Rio Grande

Hidden between the hills of the communities of "Las Charcas" and "Estebanía", on the slopes of the central cordillera, province of Azua, is the beautiful waterfall of Rio Grande of 30 meters high.

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