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San Fernando de Montecristi is a medium-sized town located in the far north-west of the Dominican Republic, on the border with Haiti.

Santiago de los Caballeros is more than 62 miles (100 km) away and Santo Domingo 167 (270 km). Due to its distance from the major tourist centers Montecristi has retained its authenticity.

It is a peaceful city with great cultural wealth and natural resources of great value to the Dominican Republic. The Montecristi National Park is a protected area with coastal lagoons, beaches and mangroves where it is possible to observe many species, some of which are endemic.

The main activity of the province of Montecristi is agriculture with an important production of bananas and rice. The production of goats, sheep and cattle is also important. On the coast there is fishing and salt production.

To know the attractions and tourist sites in the region, consult our page dedicated to tourism in Montecristi, notable points are the Morro and Cayo Siete Hermanos.

Pictures of Monte Cristi - Dominican Republic

  • Beach Monte Cristi
  • Beach Monte Cristi 1
  • Church San Fernando en Montecristi
  • El Morro Montecristi 1
  • El Morro Montecristi 2
  • El Morro Montecristi 3
  • El Morro Montecristi 4
  • El Morro Montecristi
  • Fishermen Montecristi
  • Malecon Montecristi
  • Market Montecristi
  • Monte Cristi
  • Montecristi Dominican Republic 1
  • Montecristi Dominican Republic
  • Playa de Buen Hombre Montecristi
  • Playa La Granja Montecristi
  • Reloj Montecristi Gustave Effel
  • Restaurant Montecristi
  • Rio Callejon Montecristi
  • Salinas de Montecristi
  • Salt marshes Montecristi
  • San Fernando de Montecristi
  • Siete Hermanos Montecristi
  • Villa dona Emilia Montecristi

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