Pictures: Pedernales

Pedernales is a medium-sized town in the far southwest of the Dominican Republic, on the Haitian border.

Pedernales is more than 186 miles (300 kilometers) from the capital Santo Domingo and more than 74.5 (120km) from Barahona. It is a city that lives off agriculture, fishing and trading with Haiti.

The region has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country (Bahia de las Aguilas), unique natural resources and extraordinary ecotourism attractions.

In 2022 it was decided to develop tourism in this area with the construction of an airport and numerous tourism projects.
To know the attractions and tourist sites in the region, consult our page dedicated to tourism in Pedernales.

Pictures of Pedernales - Dominican Republic

  • bahia las aguilas pedernales 1
  • bahia las aguilas Pedernales
  • bahia las cuevas pedernales 1
  • bahia las cuevas pedernales
  • Cabo Rojo pedernales
  • fortaleza militar banano Pedernales 1
  • fortaleza militar banano Pedernales
  • malecon pedernales
  • Pedernales arroyo salado 3
  • Pedernales arroyo salado
  • Pedernales bahia el can
  • Pedernales Hoyo de Pelempito
  • Pedernales laguna de oviedo 4
  • Pedernales mercado binacional 1
  • Pedernales mercado binacional 4
  • Pedernales rio el mulito 2
  • playa de la marina pedernales 1
  • Pedernales rio el mulito 4
  • playa de la marina pedernales
  • playa de los pescadores
  • playa pedernales 1
  • playa pedernales
  • playita blanca pedernales
  • pozos ecologicos romeo
  • playita blanca pedernales 1

More establishments in Pedernales - Dominican Republic

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