Tourism in Barahona - Dominican Republic

Travel guide and tourist information to visit Barahona and around: what to see, what to do, what to visit, which excursions... in Barahona, the pearl of the south, one of the main ecotourism destination in Dominican Republic.
Barahona - Dominican Republic

Barahona - Dominican Republic

Barahona is located in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. Before the discovery of America, Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic) was divided into five chiefdoms, one of which, Jaragua, Boechío is governed by the territorial boundaries where the province of Barahona.
The province was the scene in 1496 of the first revolution of the social demands of the New World, the rebellion of Roldan, in which the slaves, the Spanish and the Indians have challenged the supremacy of the Spanish crown.

The city of Barahona is located along the Caribbean Sea, to 170 kms (105 miles) from Santo Domingo. It has lush vegetation and geographical conditions that combine rivers, beaches and mountains. Most of its coastal areas are still virgin and surrounded by mountains with many rivers.
Much of the province, in the western part is occupied by the Sierra de Bahoruco. There is also the Sierra Martin Garcia bordering Azua, the eastern end of Neiba Sierra and Loma de Sal y Yezo.
The main river is the Yaque del Sur, which flows a few kilometers north of the city. The second major river in the province is the Nizaito. Other rivers are Palomino, Bahoruco, San Rafael, Los Patos.
The economy depends mainly on mining and tourism, with an industrial port and free zone dedicated to mining. The main agricultural products are bananas and coffee, and mineral products, the larimar and the marble.
This province has many tourist attractions. Beaches, along with rivers, attract many people. Of these, we cite Saladilla, San Rafael, los Patos and Quemaítos. Other attractions are the Lagunas de Moncion and Cabral and the magnetic pole. Pictures of Barahona to discover this beautiful region of the Dominican Republic.
The city is also known as the Pearl of the South.
Because of its distance from major tourist centers of the Dominican Republic, is a region untouched by mass tourism but it has a few small boutique hotels, including Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge, la Saladilla Beach Club, le Costa Larimar... ollow this link to see all the hotels in Barahona.
It is a region with many ecotourism excursions.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Barahona

Central Park


Casa de los 7 Candados

The house of 7 locks is one of the oldest houses in Barahona, it dates from 1903, this house is considered by people as a historical relic, it would have hosted important figures in the history of the Dominican Republic.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Barahona

Lake Enriquillo

Enriquillo Lake is the largest salt lake in the Caribbean and is probably one of the most impressive excursions in the region of Barahona. It is located about 35 m below sea level and its waters have a salt concentration three times higher than the Caribbean Sea. Rainfall is scarce and there are only cactus (some of which are endemic) and some plants grow. In and around the lake are iguanas, american crocodiles that can reach 2 m, flamingos and tropical birds. In the center of Lake Enriquillo there are three small islands: Barbarita, Islita and Cabritos.

Ecotourism excursions

The parks of the region (Jaragua National Park, Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, Sierra Martín García National Park, Isla Cabritos national park - Enriquillo Lake) to observe a unique biodiversity in the Caribbean.

The magnetic pole

Going to Bahoruco amazing optical phenomenon.

The beach of San Rafael

The beach of San Rafael is located about twenty kilometers south of Barahona, is a gallet beach surrounded by steep hills with a pool of natural fresh water.

The beach Quemaito

The beach El Quemaito is a popular beach located 10 km from Barahona. 5 minutes from the beach is the Hotel El Quemaito

Bahoruco Beach

Bahoruco beach is famous for its surf spot, a rare spot of the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic.

Balneario La Plaza

Hidden river in the surroundings of La Cienaga of incomparable beauty.

Caves de los Patos

Los Patos caves are located at the mouth of the river Los Patos, inside the caves, carved in stone are the faces of Indian hand-carved by the ancient Taino Indians, the original inhabitants of the Dominican Republic.

The Laguna de Oviedo

Oviedo Lagoon is a biosphere reserve (it is part of the Jaragua National Park), composed of over 40 small islands, this is the place to view wildlife and flora. Laguna Oviedo is one of nature reserves in the Dominican Republic with a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial species. Is located south of Barahona, in the province of Pedernales. This is a major tourist attraction which attracts many visitors Dominicans and foreigners.

Beata island

The Beata Island is an island in the Caribbean Sea, it is 27 km2 and is uninhabited. There are lambi, sea turtles, crabs and lobsters. In 2001 he discovered a species that is endemic to the reserve of Jaragua National Park , one of the smallest reptiles in the world of 16 mm.

Balneario Villa Miriam

Villa Miriam is a waterfall with cold and clear water, Miriam Villa is located in San Rafael a few kilometers from Barahona.

Laguna Cabral Rincon

Lagoon Cabral or Rincon is located between the provinces of Barahona and Independencia, is a wetland of 65 km2 with significant concentrations of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. An ecotourism excursions of great interest.

Balneario Mata de Maiz

Located in the small town of Polo, about 40 kilometers from Barahona. It is surrounded by pristine and natural mountains where many birds nest. It is a paradise for lovers of nature and ecotourism.

Beaches of the province of Barahona

The province of Barahona has many beautiful beaches about 180 kilometers from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Beaches of gray sand, pebbles, white sand which are mainly frequented by locals, inhabitants of neighboring provinces and the capital.

Distances from Barahona

  • Santo Domingo: 170 kms
  • Punta Cana: 380 kms
  • La Romana: 304 kms
  • Pedernales: 151 kms
  • Santiago: 281 kms
  • Samana: 350 kms
  • Puerto Plata: 337 kms
  • La Vega: 240 kms

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A small paradise far from mass tourism. To preserve.
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Barahona and the surroundings are beautiful. Beautiful beaches and beautiful walks to do.

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Tourist map Barahona

Tourist map Barahona

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