Tourism in Pedernales - Dominican Republic

Travel guide and tourist information to visit Pedernales and around: what to see, what to do, what to visit, which excursions... in Pedernales, southwest of the Dominican Republic.

Pedernales - Dominican Republic

Pedernales - Dominican Republic

Pedernales is a city of the Dominican Republic, located in the extreme south, about 190 miles from Las Americas International Airport of Santo Domingo. The province shares a border with Haiti and is washed by the Caribbean Sea. This is the least populated region of the Dominican Republic.
In tropical climates, the region has many beautiful unspoiled beaches, among which stand out the beach in Cabo Rojo and Playa Blanca. This region has a flora and fauna varied with some endemic species (iguanas, birds), with mangroves, lagoons and forests of the region Pedernales worth a visit.

The Pedernales region's economy depends mainly on fishing, livestock, including cattle, and agriculture, with emphasis on the cultivation of coffee.

Pedernales province has great tourism potential for both the sun and sand as for ecotourism, with its beaches and the Jaragua National Park is located where Bahía las Aguilas, Playa Blanca, and Laguna de Oviedo who crosses to the park creating a splendid view. The city has some small hotels.
Furthermore, you can travel by boat to Isla Beata and Alto Velo, two small islands with great beauty.
Pedernales is far from major tourist centers of the Dominican Republic, this city and its environs have all retained their authenticity. Is the destination of nature lovers and tranquility in a cozy atmosphere.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Pedernales

Haitien Market



This is the maritime boulevard where the population of Pedernales likes to walk

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Pedernales

Sierra de Bahoruco

Sierra Bahoruco is located between the provinces of Pedernales, Barahona and Independencia. It is about 1,000 km2, is a protected area that has a significant ecological diversity. Due to its size, the variation of its relief (from 0 to 2367 meters) and climate change, the Sierra de Bahoruco has flora and fauna unique to the Dominican Republic.

Lake Enriquillo



The Dominican Republic Parks of the region (Park Jaragua, Park Sierra de Bahoruco, Park Isla Cabrito) to observe a unique biodiversity in the Caribbean.

The lagoon Oviedo

Biosphere reserve, consisting of several small islands, this is the ideal place to observe wildlife and flora. Oviedo lagoon is 28 km2 and only 1.50 meters deep, it has a salinté three times the sea This lagoon has many water birds, iguanas, endemic fish and lush vegetation, surrounded by vast mangrove this is a fascinating world for the visitor. There are three ways to visit the Oviedo Lagoon and admire its beauty and natural wealth.

Beata Island

The Beata Island is situated in the extreme southwest of the Dominican Republic, south of Barahona, it belongs to the province of Pedernales and this island is about 27 km2. It is part of the Jaragua National Park.

Bahia de las Aguilas

One of the most beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic and a major tourist attraction in the south.

The beach of Cabo Rojo


The island of Alto Velo

The island Alto Velo is located next to the island Beata in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. It is also part of the Jaragua National Park.
The island is home to migratory birds, the nesting site of gulls over 20,000 making it the largest colony in the country. It also has a rich marine life and underwater. The island has no beach.

Hoyo de Pelempito

The Hoyo (hole) of Pelempito is located in the Sierra de Bahoruco, it has a depth of 700 meters above sea level to 1165. The hoyo of Pelempito is considered one of the wonders of the Caribbean with varieties of unique plants, lush vegetation. There is a reception center for visitors, trails and a picnic area.


Pedernales has many underwater caves that are ideal for diving (It requires prior training and specialized equipment to penetrate them).


The region has some rivers with waterfalls and places where you can swim in a cool, clear water.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is located in the park of Jaragua, it is a beautiful virgin beach with crystal clear waters.

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