Bani - Dominican Republic

Travel guide and tourist information to visit Bani and around: what to see, what to do, what to visit, which excursions... in Bani a small town in the south of Santo Domingo.

Bani - Dominican Republic

Bani - DR

Bani is the capital of the province of Peravia in the Dominican Republic. It was founded March 3, 1764 by Manuel Azlor and Urries. The city name comes from the fact that it was ruled by a chief called Bani in pre-Columbian times. In Taino language, Bani means "lots of water".
The Cordillera Central (which is here called Sierra de Ocoa) is located in the north and the west of the province, with its culmination in the Loma de la Valvacoa. Since this city you can see the peaks Guayuyos, Pico de los Pinos and Valvacoa.

The town has received waves of immigrants from the Canary Islands and Catalonia during the time of the conquest, who settled west of the city, while the south coast was occupied by emancipated blacks.
The main rivers of the city are the Nizao, Ocoa and Bani.
The city's economy depends mainly on agricultural production, particularly vegetables (tomatoes, onions, etc..), fruit, coffee. A minor aspect of the economy of Bani is fishing in the Caribbean Sea.

It's the birthplace of Cuban independence leader Maximo Gomez. The museum Maximo Gomez, in the park of the same name, is responsible for keeping his memory.

Bani is about 40 miles from the capital Santo Domingo, the region was declared a tourist destination No. VIII in 1995 to promote the development of tourism in this part of Dominican Republic. Its proximity to the capital makes it a tourist attraction for the inhabitants of Santo Domingo and San Cristobal, with a dozen small hotels, Bani has no large hotels to accommodate tourists, making it its charm.
Tourist activity focuses on the Caribbean coast, especially around the bay of Calderas with Las Salinas Hotel. A major tourist attraction are the Sand Dunes of Bani, a natural lush unique in the Caribbean region.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Bani

Casa de Maximo Gomez

Son of the country and hero of Cuban independence.

The Historical museum of Bani

Bani Historical Museum's mission is the exhibition and dissemination of the history of the province.

The mango festival

In June, he moved thousands of people to discover and taste many varieties of this fruit.

La Sarandunga

This is an important cultural event, the result of the mixture of African and Spanish cultures, which is held annually the third Saturday in July in Bani, a cultural and religious, whose origins date back to colonial times.

Los Corbanitos beach


What to visit near Bani

Sand Dunes of Bani

Sand Dunes of Bani Bani dunes are unique in the Caribbean, this is a protected area since 1996 which extends over 15 km with a maximum height of 35 meters. Bani Dunes are located in the peninsula of Las Calderas, between the cities of Matanzas and Las Salinas, in the south of Santo Domingo.

Palenque Beach

Palenque Beach Playa Palenque (San Cristobal) is a few kms before arriving at Bani, after San Cristobal along the Caribbean coast to Sabana Palenque.

Punta Salinas Beach

Punta Salinas The beach of Punta Salinas is located in Puerto Hermoso de las Calderas Bay about 27 kilometers from the town of Bani.

Las Salinas

Las Salinas Bani Las Salinas salt flats are located in Las Calderas Bay just before the beach of Punta Salinas.

Palmar de Ocoa

Palmar de Ocoa is a fishing village located on the bay of Ocoa about thirty kilometers from Bani. Palmar de Ocoa has beautiful beaches and is mostly frequented by local inhabitants and Santo Domingo. A new hotel is located on the Bay, the Ibiza Hotel.

Playa Pato

Playa Pato is one of the few beaches near Santo Domingo where it is possible to practice surfing.

Playa Nizao

Playa Nizao is located about twenty kilometers before Bani. The beach is a mixture of gray sand and pebbles. It is a popular beach.

Salto Las Yayitas

Waterfall hidden between rocks and trees of ten meters high in Las Yayitas, El Recodo section.
Many tourists and hikers come to enjoy this tourist attraction.

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