Tourism in Constanza - Dominican Republic

Travel guide and tourist information to visit Constanza and around: what to see, what to do, what to visit, which excursions... in Constanza the city of ecotourism and mountain tourism.

Constanza - Dominican Republic

Constanza - Dominican Republic

Constanza is a city in northern Dominican Republic, in the province of La Vega. It consists of an intermountain valley in the Cordillera Central, located at 1200 meters altitude. This is one of the most attractive destinations for visitors looking to make ecotourism and adventure and mountain sports, because of its extraordinary natural conditions, unique in the Caribbean region.
The city has few hotels and ranches to enjoy this beautiful area.
Constanza has the most important nature reserves such as Valle Nuevo, Ebono Verde and National Park John B. Perez, in which you can find species of plants and animals endemic to the Dominican Republic. Among the activities that can be made in Constanza, hiking in mountains and in the different valleys, tours on horseback and sporting activities such as rafting...

The climate is characterized by low temperatures and cold, the coldest temperatures of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean were recorded in Constanza, as low as 0 degrees C.

The city has a strong economy based on the production of vegetables, flowers, garlic, potatoes, strawberries and other temperate crops. In total, Constanza provides nearly 4% of national GDP Dominicans, becoming the third city after Santo Domingo and Santiago.
Constanza also large balnearios such as Salto de Aguas Blancas, the highest waterfall in the Caribbean, and La Palma and El Arroyazo, characterized by having extremely cold water and crystal clear.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Constanza

National Park Juan Bautista Pérez Rancier

The Natioanl Park (formerly known as the Valle Nuevo) is located in the Cordillera Central, it culminates at 2200 meters. It has hundreds of species of plants of which 30% are endemic to this region and dozens of species of birds, reptiles and butterflies. National Park Valle Nuevo has great potential for activities such as ecotourism, bird watching, hiking, walking...


Located in Valle Nuevo Park about 40 kms from Constanza, they have been built in honor of the dictator Trujillo, some say it's the geographical center of the Dominican Republic.

La Loma Casabito


What to see, what to do, what to visit near Constanza


Constanza and its surroundings are dedicated to ecological and mountain tourisme with many attractions for ecotourism as the Pico Duarte, rivers and waterfalls, nature reserves...

Aguas Blanca

The cascade of Aguas Blanca is located about 1.700 meters and is 83 meters high. This is the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic is surrounded by a majestic landscape. The water is cold and invigorating. For lovers of ecotourism the Salto de Aguas Blanca is a great place to visit.

El Arroyazo

El Arroyazo is a natural pool with water at only 14 ° C. The river originates in the reserve.

Piedra Letrada

Located more than 1,600 meters above sea level and about 18 kms from Constanza, is a remnant of Taino culture. According to locals, this stone would be the center of the island of Hispaniola.

Sendero Bano de Nubes

This trail is so named because of the high humidity favors the formation of clouds. It is located in the reservation in Ebano Verde to more than 1,000 meters, this is a rare place that can be visited in this reserve. In good weather you can see the valley of La Vega and Samana Bay.

The Park of Valle Nuevo and Ebano Verde

The most important park of the country with high biodiversity and certain varieties of unique plants in the world.

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