Tourism in Duverge - Dominican Republic

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Duverge - Dominican Republic

Duverge - Dominican Republic

Duverge is the largest city in the province of Independencia in the Dominican Republic. It is located in an area with an abundance of cacti and climate somewhat irregular. However, the flow of groundwater and surface wet lands and make them suitable for agricultural production.

Duverge basically consists of a plain impressive. It also has areas of steep and mountainous areas, which are part of the Sierra de Bahoruco and extending from the province of Barahona, in the neighboring Republic of Haiti. Loma del Toro is the highest point of the Sierra de Bahoruco to 2.735 meters.
Despite not having a lush vegetation, Duverge has large green area, the area has been completely reforested.
The city's economy depends mainly on agriculture, with bananas as the main products, cassava, sweet potato, coconut and vegetables. An important economic sector is also the product of informal trade with Haiti.

One of the main natural tourists attractions is the Sierra del Aguacate, a national park with plant and animal species endemic to the Dominican Republic.
Duverge borders as one of the most interesting tourist attraction of the Dominican Republic, Lake Enriquillo. Because of this proximity, the city enjoys the business of fishing for tilapia.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Duverge

La Zurza

The source water has a high sulfur, with medicinal virtues according to locals.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Duverge

Rio Las Damas


Boca de Cachón

For swimming and picnicking along the river.

Las Barías

Las Barias is a source located in La Descubierta.

Lake Enriquillo

Enriquillo Lake is the largest salt lake in the Caribbean and is probably one of the most impressive natural tourist attraction in the region of Barahona. It is located about 35 m below sea level and its waters have a salt concentration three times higher than the Caribbean Sea.


The Dominican Republic National Parks of the region (Park Jaragua National Park Sierra de Bahoruco, Park Isla Cabrito) to observe a unique biodiversity in the Caribbean.

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