Tourism in Jimani - Dominican Republic

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Jimani - Dominican Republic

Jimani - Dominican Republic

Jimani is a small village on the border with Haiti, northwest of the Dominican Republic. It is a place where, as in most border towns, the identity is mixed with that of the Dominicans between neighboring Haiti.
It is believed that the name of Jimani (originally written Ximaní) is of indigenous origin and belonged to the indigenous leader had control of these lands, although there are other theories about the origin of the name.

The main economic activity of Jimani is agriculture, focusing on products such as cassava, sweet potatoes and melons. There is also a booming trade that takes place on the border with Haiti, an area that sell different types of textiles and electronic products and are bought by people on all sides of the Dominican Republic.
As in most border provinces, tourism in Jimani is virtually nonexistent and some small hotels.

Tourist attractions and places to visit in Jimani

The main festival

On March 19 in honor of patron saint San Jose.

Mansión de Trujillo

Built by the dictator Trujillo.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Jimani

Lake Enriquillo

The largest salt water lake in the Caribbean.


The National parks of the region (Park Jaragua National Park Sierra de Bahoruco, Park Isla Cabrito) to observe a unique biodiversity in the Caribbean.


Around Jimani to find many rivers to swim like Las Barias, La Descubierta, Boca de Cachon.

Cave Las Caritas

Located near Lake Enriquillo, she was the habitat of the first inhabitants of the island.

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