Tourism in Paraiso - Dominican Republic

Travel guide and tourist information to visit Paraiso and around: what to see, what to do, what to visit, which excursions... in Paraiso, near Barahona.

Paraiso - Dominican Republic

Paraiso - Dominican Republic

Paraiso is a small town in the province of Barahona in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, on the Caribbean coast. This is a small village surrounded by green mountains and rivers that flow into the Caribbean Sea, with an impressive tourism potential with its beaches and rivers, fresh from the mountains.

The climate is tropical with abundant vegetation that can be observed from the beach, in contrast with the turquoise sea.
In recent years, Paraiso has seen a renewed interest for its tourist attractions and the revival of the hotel management sector with new hotels like the Hotel Piratas del Caribe, Mami River Beach House, El Quemaito hotel.
While the southwest of the Dominican Republic remained away from intensive tourism and has many tourist attractions and ecotourism.

What to see, what to do, what to visit near Paraiso

Lake Enriquillo

The largest salt water lake in the Caribbean.


The Dominican Republic National Parks of the region (Park Jaragua, Park Sierra de Bahoruco, Park Isla Cabrito) to observe a unique biodiversity in the Caribbean.

The beach of San Raphael

South of Barahona gallet beach surrounded by steep hills with a pool of natural fresh water.

The beach Quemaito

Popular beach at 10 Kms of Barahona.

Caves de los Patos

Cave of the Taino Indians, early of the island.

The lagoon Oviedo

Biosphere Reserve, consisting of over 40 small islands, is the ideal place to observe wildlife and flora of Dominican Republic.

Beata Island

The Beata Island is situated in the extreme southwest of the Dominican Republic, south of Barahona, it belongs to the province of Pedernales and this island is about 27 km2. It is part of the Jaragua National Park.
The Beata Island is uninhabited, it has small bays and great beaches on its northern coast. This island was the refuge of pirates at the time of colonization, today is a peaceful paradise and little visited.
From the village of La Cueva (about 2 hours of Barahona) it is possible to travel by boat on Beata Island.

Bahia de las Aguilas

One of the most beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic. Bahia Las Aguilas is located on the edge of the Jaragua National Park, the beach is seven kms long in a delightful setting.

Villa Mirian

Cascading waters fresh and clear.

Caves de los Patos

Cave of the Taino Indians, early of the island.

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